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ITManila is a global web development in the Philippines, specializing in Internet Presence and Software Development. We help business achieve higher ROI and higher profitability by simplifying their processes using Web Designing, Web Development, PHP Development, e-Commerce solutions and Digital Marketing.

Our aim is to empower your business online, maximize the benefits of your online presence and improve your ROI.

Advantages of having a website

  • Greater visibility
  • More leads & customers
  • Increased sales

Google urges Filipino Businesses to go online

"Businesses should make an effort to connect to their customers online to increase their Market Share." Number of internet users in Philippines is expected to climb to over 50 million this 2015.

What we do:

Your company website is the cornerstone of your business. Having an effective one is crucial in today's society. Let us help you build it!

We build spectacular, search engine optimized websites plus we set up social media accounts and online advertising campaigns.

Website Design

We build beautiful and user-friendly websites using WordPress after which you will have full control to make any future edits or updates.

We build websites using “Responsive Design” which means no matter what kind of device you view the site on, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. the content will resize so your website will look amazing no matter the size of the screen.

Search Engine Optimization

Every website we build is fully search engine optimized.  We take care of everything: meta tags, image tags, header tags, geo tags, permalink structure, sitemaps, canonicalization and more.

We optimize everything as I build your site so everything is good to go right at the start.  This is a much better approach then hiring a second person to come in after the fact and try to optimize everything then.

Social Media and Reputation Management

After we finish your website we can also set up optimized social media profiles and business pages on sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ at no additional charge.

These social profiles help you control your online reputation as well as providing links back to your website.

Online Marketing and Advertising

Online advertising unlike traditional advertising can be targeted specifically to your target demographic.

Instead of buying an expensive newspaper ad that people may or may not see you can spend a fraction of that money to advertise directly to the people who are looking for your product or service.

If you’re looking to get targeted web traffic to your website I can help you with Google Adwords campaigns, Facebook advertising campaigns and more.

We also do:

Website Maintenance and Management

Website maintenance is another component that can vary depending upon your needs. If you need to update or refresh your existing website we can offer fixed price, quick turnaround support. Whether you just need a couple of small changes or a considerable amount of new development we can complete your request within an agreed timescale and without any hidden costs.

Website Redesign

An outdated and unprofessional site can hurt your online image - an excellent reason to undertake redesign. If you are looking for a complete overhaul of your website, our website team can do the job for you and provide a cutting-edge website redesign work, which will improve your online presence and attract more visitors.

Let us help you build it!

If your business is lacking a website, then you are lacking one more chance to find new customers and earn more revenue. In today’s constantly-connected world, every business needs to have a web presence that is easy to find and makes customer’s visits worthwhile.

Steps On Building Your Website

Step 1: Tell us about your business
Step 2: We work on the website content
Step 3: We design your website
Step 4: Check your website
Step 5: We set your website live online

Get your business online. Contact us now!