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Email Stationery

Printed letterhead serves as one of the primary branding tools for most businesses.

With effective branding playing a major role in driving sales, it is critical that all written correspondence be properly branded. Branded emails are rapidly becoming the norm, our email letterhead, or “stationery,” provides you with a professionally designed “background template” to compose your email correspondence on.

To serious marketers, this is quite simply a “must have” product!

What Your Client Sees…

If you were the client, which professional would you remember?

Email Stationery Includes Embedded Links To Your Website

We will include embedded links back to your website “underneath” your graphics. This may be a simple “click to visit” link or a more complex navigational menu in your stationery design.

Benefits of Branded Email Stationery

  • Standardized Communication: Email Stationery ensures every email your company sends out has the same consistent image and identity
  • Increased Website Traffic: Hotlinks embedded in your Email Stationery drive new traffic to your website
  • Enhances Corporate Branding: Every email will match your website, business cards and marketing materials
  • Enhances Personal Branding: Each user can have their picture and signature added to their own custom email stationery
  • Increased Response Rate: Email Stationery is perceived as professional and has higher response rates than plain text emails
  • Unlimited Usage: With a single purchase of an E-Stationery you get unlimited usage and can send it out as many times as you like

E-Stationery Custom Design Components

  1. Top Banner: A full color top banner may include logos, photos and other graphics designed to create a lasting impression.
  2. Contact Banner: A contact banner includes items such as a personal photo, links to your email and website, and complete contact information. This banner can be located on the left, right or bottom of the email.
  3. Body: The body of the email will allow you to add your personalized text to each email and the body expands indefinitely with long content emails.
  4. Watermark (optional): An optional watermark of your logo or a photo may be included in the background of the body.
  5. Signature: Your signature is inserted at the bottom of each email.
  6. Digital Signature (optional): Digitized signatures (actual image of your signature) can be included in your Email Stationery. Each order includes one FREE digital signature.
  7. Disclaimer (optional): If requested we will add your disclaimer or confidentiality statement at the bottom of your Email Stationery.

Email Stationery is Easy to Order, Install and Use

  1. Order: Once you have decided to purchase your own personalized Email Stationery from ITManila contact us to order.  Once we receive your order, one of our graphic designers will contact you, discuss your branding and design ideas, and request your logo, photos and any other elements needed for the development of your Custom E-Stationery.
  2. Development: Your graphic designer will work closely with you in designing a custom email stationery that fits with your branding.  Throughout the design process, drafts will be emailed to you of the work in progress to ensure we are designing the final product you are looking for.
  3. Graphics: All graphics are hosted by ITManila or your own hosting service.  There are no graphics attached to the email.  This ensures that anti-virus programs and spyware programs do not automatically flag your email as junk mail.
  4. Installation: We provide step-by-step installation instructions for Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo and Gmail, and it takes less than 5 minutes to install.  SPECIAL NOTES are also provided with the installation instructions which answer many of the initial questions you may have about your E-Stationery.  Once you have your Email Stationery installed, you will be asked to send a test email to your graphic designer to ensure all the graphics work properly.
  5. Use: You may choose to have your E-Stationery automatically inserted, switch between multiple E-Stationery templates or send a text only message – it is very simple.It is also important to note that there is no limit to the length of your email. Your E-Stationery will automatically adjust to the height of the email body.

Cost of Email Stationery Design – $229.00
- Includes free digital signature and image hosting

Please contact us for more info and a no-obligation discussion.

Sample Email Stationery