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In the modern era, a typed and posted resume is no longer enough to capture the attention of employers. An increasing number of companies are posting jobs on employment boards which can only be found online. It’s especially important to have an online resume if you’re applying for a job with a technology company. Failure to post an online resume in this instance suggests that you’re either uncomfortable with technology or behind the times, neither of which are a ringing endorsement of your skills.

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With a Online Resume you can better showcase your industry knowledge, creativity, and initiative.

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Clean up the negative things that they may find and create and promote a positive, creative, professional image.

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This Online Resume website package includes all the necessary files to run an attractive online resume website. We will develop, design, and provide you all the necessary files to run your own online resume website. All you have to do is to register your domain name ( and get a hosting package from any of your desired web hosting company or avail our hosting package. After that upload these files to your web server and your site is live on the Internet. If you don't know how to upload these files to your server, we can do it for you free of cost.

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